I am a research associate at the Chair of Descriptive and Theoretical Linguistics of the University of Tübingen. I am also associated  with project C1 “Parametric Variation in the Semantic Component of Grammar” at the Collaborative Research Center 833 (SFB 833).

My main research interests center around the semantics of comparatives and focus especially in the context of cross-linguistic variation at the syntax/semantics interface, processing and language acquisition. I am planning to also venture out into new domains concerning multilingualism from a semantic perspective.

On the empirical side, I am doing fieldwork on Tundra Nenets, a Samoyedic language spoken, among others, in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug in Russia. I am also conducting experiments on comparison constructions cross-linguistically. What I am particularly intrigued by is the question of how formal semantic theory fares in the light of different kinds of empirical data and what we can learn about grammar by enriching our theory with new insights gained from new data.

Polina Berezovskaya, M.A.

You can download my CV here.