I am a research associate at the Chair of Descriptive and Theoretical Linguistics of the University of Tübingen. 

I completed my PhD in 2020 at the University of Tübingen with the thesis "Comparing Comparatives - New Perspectives from Fieldwork and Processing" that can be found here.

My work is mostly on semantics with additional interests in syntax and pragmatics and their interfaces. The aim of my research is to gain a deeper understanding of the architecture of language by focusing on cross-linguistic variation and processing. My concrete research interests center around the topics of degree constructions, alternative semantics, (in)definiteness and presuppositions cross-linguistically. Recently, I became particularly interested in multilingual grammar.

On the empirical side, I have done fieldwork on Tundra Nenets, a Samoyedic language spoken, among others, in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug in Russia. Other languages that I am working on are Russian and Turkish employing different methods and conducting cross-linguistic experiments.

Generally, I am particularly intrigued by the question of how linguistic theory fares in the light of different kinds of empirical data and what we can learn about grammar by enriching our theory with new insights gained from new data. 

You can download my CV here.

News (upcoming and recent):

  • I will be presenting a poster with Fabian Schlotterbeck in June 2024 about experiments on exactly-differentials and less-comparatives in German and English at ELM3.
  • out now! Polina Berezovskaya, Sigrid Beck & Robin Hörnig (2023): "Turkish Correlatives in Monolingual Turkish and Bilingual Turkish-German Grammar", Proceedings of TU+8 (Workshop on Turkic and Languages in Contact with Turkic), 30-43. https://doi.org/10.3765/j92h0b81
  • Outreach: Talk at the Wissenschaftssalon (science salon) of the Science and Innovation Days, Tübingen: "What does language have to do with resilience? - Language diversity and multilingualism” on November 9th, 2023.
  • I was so excited to attend the 10th jubilee edition of our TripleA workshop series in June 7-9th in Potsdam and give a talk on intervention effects in Tundra Nenets.