Here are linguistics related projects I am part of:

  • Triple A Workshop Series: this is a wonderful semantic workshop especially for fielworkers working in formal semantics. I am on the steering committee.
  • The Fieldwork Hub: an informal assembly of fieldwork materials by Tübingen fielworkers including me.

Other linguistics-related links:

Universities I did research and studied in and cherish: McGill University, UMass Amherst.

Whenever possible, I happily spend the time with my children Masha  (born 2017) and Paul (born 2021), my partner and family+friends. I love to play music and dance (in earlier years ballroom, now salsa, tango and more). The project “Die Sprache der Musik” (‘the language of music’) lies especially close to my heart. It is a series of concerts that I have been hosting for many years. These days, I am also involved with refugees from Ukraine volunteering and helping them make a living in Germany.